Inhabited by the descendants of the Vikings, a volcanic island torn between two retracting continental plates – Laurentian (Canadian) and Eurasian.

One of the few fragments of the Great Atlantic Rift emerged above the surface of the ocean. Magnificent mountain landscapes, the largest ice dome in Europe, active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs where you can bathe even in winter. High cliffs made of volcanic rocks, inhabited by thousands of sea birds, vast sandy beaches, including a “black beach” made of basalt sand, recognized as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Glaciers, great rivers and mighty waterfalls. Northern lights, whales, killer whales and dolphins, poor but colorful tundra vegetation and one forest protected as a national park – a sub-arctic country at a glance.

One million sheep, 100,000 Icelandic ponies (endemic breed) and only 320,000 inhabitants, upon closer acquaintance with the cordial and hospitable. Highest prices in Europe, let Norway hide!

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